The power of nostalgia

People we meet always have their own color. Sometimes, it enlightens our life to comprehend deeper meaning. In many cases, they are like a commercial. We are only interested in the concept and not buy the products. It only touches our mind.

In my office, I have one guy who is 90s freak. He always tells his memory about the most iconic stuff and hits-thing in 90s. He believes that his era is the best thing that God ever gave in the world. He can be labeled as the ambassador of 90s.

Having talk with him is like having interview with 90s story teller. No matter what topic we discuss, he always relates to 90s-thingness. Can you imagine about that? He gives details information about movies, cartoon series, music, toys, and other things that are very popular in that time.

What is the message of this experience? I do agree that people who spent their childhood in 90s are the happiest generation. They know traditional culture and they are also part of technology transformation. They experience ‘human interaction’ and they are ready to involve in high tech-communication.

However, the topic is like bell that rings my ear at school. I understand that I dramatically change. When I meet my friend, I become stranger. We never talk about what we did as a kid. In the past, we were close friends. We played soccer during the rain. We also watched the same movies together. But, the present completely changes.


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