When life is about moving, should I stand still?

He is no longer student. This is why he should move from the old boarding house near campus to the new one. This is not easy thing for him. He should adapt with new people and norm. He ought to learn the culture from the basic. Is it big problem?

He does not try answering the question. Experiencing this gives him a surprise. The place that he chooses recalls his memories about childhood. He feels like coming back to his past as a kid. He never expects about this.

In his room, he can hear children laughing during playing. He also witnesses many young girls and boys play together in the near mosque. The description is the same as he did in the past, especially in Ramadan.

Is it called moving?

He has no will to describe and to debate about the definition of moving. If they think that moving is about place, they might be wrong. Moving is experiencing new thing with new people in the new places, and of course in different time. That is what he believes about moving.

The experiences contradict with his expectation. He always hopes that the place brings him to the different stage of life. However, this new one locks him with his childhood memories.


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