Why it should be radio?

Radio is the most emotional device that he ever knew in this earth. The machine can touch his heart to be calm in releasing his feeling. When he feels blue, he turns up the radio and sings aloud. Sometimes, he does cry. Why it should be radio? Is it drug for his mental?


He was the only child in that house. He had no one to interact with. In addition, he had difficult skill in making friend. He hated to involve activities with other children. Alone in the lonely house made him missed about the voice. Since that time, radio is his ‘real friend”.

Why it should be radio?

Songs aired in that media always touches his heart. Sometimes, he sends SMS to the operator to request song that he wants. This is what 90s kid does like him. Not only him, his classmates also do the same. When the announcers read his message, he face shows his happiness.


Why it should be radio?

It is always the message. He understands that it is voice that encourages people to be brave. By listening radio, he learns to speak what he wants, feels, and dreams. In addition, before listening to other’s voice, inner voice must be the first.


Why it should be radio?

Radio makes him to be expressive. It enforces him to analyze community and trend. He learns to be intimate with other people by spreading his voice. He learns to be confidence with his dreams.

Why it should be radio?

Coz radio is more than a radio.






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